Volumetric Evolution: 21 Point Manifesto

  • SOLITAIRE: Logic, Numbers, Science, Inner Process
  • LIVE FEED:  History, Theory, The Living, DNA
  • GNAR: Epoch, Speed, Velocity, Extremism, Gravity
  • CONTINUOUS NON-ORIENTABLE: Surfaces, vert-mass, Façade, Earthwork, mega-form
  • N-BETWEEN: X-Ray, Parallelism, perpendicularity, Adjacency
  • BLACK ON BLACK: The Hidden, mini-mass, Built-in, Storage, folded shadow
  • PLASTICS: Folds, Lofts, Pulls, Strokes, Vectors
  • PRISMATICS: Crystal, Rhomboid, Reflection, Translucency, Multiplicity
  • CANTILEVER: Time, Structure, Action, Extension
  • FLUIDITY: Contour, Wire Frame
  • PIGMENT: Color, humanity, Art, Programmatic fluctuation
  • CAMOUFLAGE: Anti-pattern, Transparency, Overlay
  • STAR SKY: Vertical movement, Roof Deck
  • SYNTHETICS: layering, Skin, envelope
  • KNIFE SPACE: Feasting, Cooking, Devouring, Kitchen
  • SEVENS: Proportion, Eroticism, Sexuality, Model, Structure
  • RHYTHMICS: Instrumentality, Music, Sound
  • PLASMATICS: Anamorphous, Biological, Nostalgia, Blood
  • CINEMATICS: Projection, Wall, Sequence, Event
  • TECHTONICS: Building, forces, Texture, Fabrication, Construction
  • RE-EVOLUTION: Eternal Recurrence = Again + Again + Again

Experimentation is a conscious aim of Volume 21: Office for Architecture. A critical awareness of the ‘envelope’ of architectural practice chases us toward a series of motivations, procedures and strategies for working. The ideas are active in research (design process), technology (fabrication and construction) and pedagogy (writing and teaching).


Keith Plymale
Speed 101–A study of acceleration, speed and ‘collapsed’ perspective. A museum competition in Nor-Cal was developed using analogous process methods  used in construction: material lamination, spatial layering and de-lamination for fabrication & construction.  [project collaboration with Michael Tauber] Enlarge [+]
Keith Plymale
Ponte Dell ‘Anzelo’ Lungo — A conceptual bridge spanning the Giudecca canal in Venezia. A 21st century ‘hybrid’ program for a city within a megaform, like its 1591 sibling; the Rialto, the span is to be as luminous, thin and translucent as physically possible. Enlarge [+]