Spring 2017

What Makes CED Run?

CED staff 2017

CED IT and Facilities staff, Alvin Bradford, Jill Martin, and Michael Ng

The short answer to this question is: CED’s STAFF!

While there would be no college without its faculty and the research, teaching, and service that they carry out, CED’s staff make sure that the faculty’s vision — for pedagogy, programs, events, and more — can actually happen. And it takes an integrated team, working together, to make the student experience seamless and supportive. The CED staff is a diverse group of individuals, working in areas including Human Resources, Financial Services, Building Management, Infrastructure & Information Technology, Undergraduate Advising, Summer Programs, Environmental Design Archives, Visual Resources Center, Blake Garden, Development and Alumni Relations, the Dean’s Office, Communications, and our three academic departments. They are what make CED run.

Staff Donut Day 2017

Staff donut appreciation at Wurster

The college is incredibly fortunate to have such a talented, dynamic, and dedicated staff. Going far beyond the call of duty, staff have led critical projects and educational efforts. These include a wide variety of building projects: from the new shop yard and paint booth yard to new pin-up space, video wall, office cabinetry, and classroom podiums; AV and computing improvements that enhance computer labs and classroom instruction; curation of exhibits in the gallery and library; development of extraordinary summer non-degree programs; creation of a materials store; and activities to promote equity and inclusion at CED.


Semar Prom

Semar Prom, Fabrication Manager

Like their faculty and student colleagues, CED’s staff is also committed to the creative and social values of the college. Take for example, Lauri Twitchell, Blake Garden Manager and artist, whose handmade books reflect on our relation to nature. Or Tony Tieu, Graduate Advisor in Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning, whose extraordinary photography has helped CED document the people, culture, and activities of the college. Or Susan Hagstrom, CED’s Director of Undergraduate Advising, who is an activist in the fight against diseases such as AIDS, participating in fund-raising bike rides. Or Semar Prom, Manager of CED’s Fabrication Shops and an expert builder, who made two trips to Standing Rock where he worked with Native Americans to build camp structures and protested in solidarity with them against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

It is not always easy making CED run smoothly. Challenges abound. After almost 55 years, Wurster Hall needs plenty of TLC and constant expert tinkering by Building Manager Mike Bond to insure that it meets student and faculty needs. Navigating the campus bureaucracy takes patience and persistence. Meeting student expectations for cutting edge IT resources and research infrastructure necessitates out-of-the-box thinking. And doing all of this in the most cost-efficient way possible requires innovation and strategic planning. CED staff consistently rise to the occasion, going above and beyond to make CED the extraordinary design and planning school that UC Berkeley students and faculty deserve.