Spring 2008

Latent Form | Convex Hull

Ogrydziak and Prillinger
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In studio, as in our own work, we are always most interested in the underlying formational logics or stories that govern a project’s evolution. The inaugural mark of design is always cataclysmic, a disruption that initiates a cascade of difference out of which form emerges.

This project examines the origin of form, the blurry line between something and nothing. We posit the base condition as an undifferentiated infinite universe, dormant with a set of rules for creating boundary states. The space is charged with a specific self-dividing logic based on the convex hull algorithm for spatial partitioning. The first move designates a core, an empty point in space. The next move, an emission from the core, bifurcates the universe. This initial division of space, a tearing open of the ground, creates an opposition that launches form out of nothing. Subsequent emissions and their bifurcations propel the accumulation of difference, an increasingly complex formal structure. Each generation of expansion disrupts the previous state, causing the whole system to lurch into the next state.

Ogrydziak and Prillinger
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Ogrydziak and Prillinger
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