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A Winning Proposal: CED Students to Reclaim Strawberry Creek

Nate Kauffman (M.L.A. ’14)

In 2012, during the second year of my Master of Landscape Architecture program at Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design, I volunteered to take part in the first Campus Rainworks Challenge — an annual student competition commissioned by the Environmental Protection Agency, envisioning how campuses can play a role in stormwater management and general water infrastructure improvements.



The Potential of Remote Sensing to Improve Landscape Research and Monitoring at Under-Studied Spatial Scales

Iryna Dronova

Remote sensing technology is increasingly penetrating our lives — from satellite images underlying everyday routes on Google Maps and smartphones to the ever more familiar buzzing of camera-equipped “toy drones” flying above neighborhoods. The technology has leaped from early air balloon photography and cameras deployed on pigeons in the late 19th century to satellite, aircraft and now unmanned vehicle sensors delivering unprecedented spatial detail and options for custom data collection. The types and amounts of information collected by remote sensing platforms continue to expand, creating new opportunities to investigate the reciprocal human-nature interactions transforming the global landscape.


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