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Virtual and Augmented Reality Lab

Luisa Caldas

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will be the next pervasive platforms for work, communications, and entertainment, following the computer and the smartphone. Current headsets will soon be replaced by solutions that can range from glasses to holograms to interfaces yet to be imagined.


Diversity Triptych: Charisma Acey, Walter Hood, and Mabel Wilson

Diversity in Environmental Design

How do we acknowledge and build diversity in CED? It is not a new question, but in an increasingly diverse society, where issues of race and gender inequalities pepper the headlines and our daily discourse, it is one that must be paramount.



Commercializing Design Research Innovation

“One thing that I can say about design is that we innovate by default, we’re constantly innovating,” explained Associate Professor of Architecture and Eva Li Memorial Chair in Architecture Ronald Rael. “And our innovations are probably always something that can be put into the commercial sphere for the social and public good. It’s great that the University has recognized design and given us the means to research in this capacity.”


Archives in Wurster Hall

A Labor of Love: The Environmental Design Archives

There are some surprising things about the Environmental Design Archives at CED. Things not many people may know. Most designers, students, and faculty are familiar with the highlights — collections of work by John Galen Howard, Bernard Maybeck, Julia Morgan, William Wurster, Joseph Esherick, and Garrett Eckbo to name a few. And certainly, anyone walking through the Environmental Design Library has glimpsed the intriguing artifacts showcased in exhibits such as the current Hollywood & Vine.