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BRT Terminal USME

Understanding the Environment Around Mass Transit Stops in Latin America

Daniel A. Rodríguez

Latin American cities have revolutionized urban mass transportation through the implementation of bus rapid transit (BRT) systems — a transportation mode characterized by infrastructure improvements that prioritize buses over other vehicles, offer off-vehicle fare payment, and allow riders to get on and off quickly. Currently more than 69 cities in Latin America and 176 worldwide have invested in BRT.



DCRP Students’ Dissertations Continue an Award-Winning Tradition

For more than half a century, CED’s Department of City and Regional Planning has emphasized critical inquiry, multidisciplinary research, and collaborative insight to address the complex challenges confronting urban environments. Its history of academic excellence has been validated by the many accolades bestowed on the Department’s outstanding students. Since 1995, 14 DCRP doctoral students have been commended for their dissertations.